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Looking for a Xfer, help yo!
  AdamTheFox, Mar 25 2011

HeyoOoOooO, looking for a transfer of funds, the only way i can do it is through PayPal. I would like $100 transferred to my PS &/or my FTP accounts. I'll send first, and pay $110 for the $100.

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Biloxi, MS area LP'ers???
  AdamTheFox, Jun 23 2010

Just wondering if there are any LP members down in the Biloxi area. My wife and I are moving down here for a year or two and I was just wanting to see if there are any members live down this way. Also wondering where are the best places to play live and @ what times in Biloxi. Played at the IP a few nights ago and it seemed mega soft from 10 pm until about 2-3 am. Thanks, GL ALL!

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LoL I knew stagediving would be a win in the end.
  AdamTheFox, May 13 2010

Someone posted that link on here somewhere. But this is a picture of me after a FAILED stage dive LOLOL. Drank from about 11 am until 9 pm w' no food and went to a concert. And the rest is history.

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